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02 March, 2015
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Discover Local Treasures

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With our youngest son graduating from high school this year, and with us traveling around our area for his basketball games, Karisa and I often leave early for the games and do some exploring! It’s pretty neat to think that we can drive less than 30 miles in any direction and come across the coolest little unincorporated towns with the most unique places to eat and drink. One of our favorites recently has been the Press Box in Sauk City, just 8 miles from us, which has the best homemade soups and sandwiches- just like grandma used to make! We always make a point of asking our waitress or bartender about where the oldest, most extraordinary taverns or restaurants are- places that our grandparents would have been right at home- the kind where you’ll see pickled pigs feet and eggs in jars, cold Schlitz beer in bottles and maybe even Hamm’s on tap! We have met the most remarkable people in just these kinds of places.
Just last week, we watched a video on a very historic tavern in Leland, WI, just 20 miles from the bed and breakfast. It was a montage of sepia toned pictures and interviews about the bar and owner “Junior” Sprecher, now in his 80’s. So- we decided to check it out! After a delicious fish fry across the street at the Schellter Bar and Grill (and meeting Leroy- its very personable owner) we wandered over to Sprecher’s Bar. I think its the only tavern I’ve ever been in where you can purchase a gun (yes, a gun!) while you drink your beer.
After enjoying a couple cold ones, we struck up a conversation with the bartender, Annie, who happened to be Junior’s daughter. When she heard us talking about her family and the history of the bar- she was amazed that we knew so much! We asked about Junior and she explained that he had some health issues and hadn’t been bartending lately. Just when we were ready to leave, she called us in the back room, which happened to be their kitchen, and there was her father, Junior, who wanted to meet us! We shook hands and talked about the history of the bar- a place where he had bartended since he was a young kid! What a great time we had, meeting people like them and realizing that the history of Wisconsin is made up of stories like theirs and that, we, as travelers can experience this history, simply by getting out- it’s all around us!
When you come and stay at Walking Iron B&B, just remember that these types of stories are right at your doorstep!
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