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10 March, 2013
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Going Stir Crazy Waiting for Spring in Wisconsin!

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I know, it’s March and if you are anything like me…you can’t wait for winter to end!  March is always a tough month because the weather is so darn unpredictable.  Snow one day and rain the next.  When it is nice, you want to get out, but can’t do anything because it is one big mud puddle!  Well, I have a couple of suggestions to get you through till Spring.  Things you can do “indoors” because who knows what it will be like outside! The House on the Rock opens on March 14th.  It’s funny, but many of our guests who have lived in Wisconsin all their lives have never been there….as I tell them everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime.  The Cave of the Mounds is open year round so a day trip there and a stop for dinner at the Grumpy Troll makes for a great Saturday.  You can take a drive up to HoChunk Casino just on the other side of Baraboo for an afternoon of fun.  Up for shopping and a movie?  Madison is just 20 minutes away.  There is West Towne Mall and Greenway Station for starters and Point Cinemas is also right there.  So, wanting to get away for a night or two?  Walking Iron is within 30 minutes to all of these attractions. Check us out for availability and we can help with that cabin fever!

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