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28 May, 2013
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Walking Iron’s Hidden Gem…

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We have lived on this beautiful property for almost 17 years and have been open as a Bed and Breakfast for 14. We are always amazed at what this place has to offer not only to us, but our guests.  Last weekend we were fortunate to have a very skilled fly fisherman show us exactly what hidden gem we have right in our back yard!  We always knew that the Black Earth Creek was a class A trout stream, but thought you would have to fish elsewhere to actually catch them.  Sure, we have put our fishing poles out there, but rarely would get a bite!  Our guest got his gear on and proceeded to wade through the creek that winds through nine acres of our property and came back amazed at what he caught!  When I saw him, he was covered in mosquito bites, but said he never noticed because he was so busy reeling the fish in!  He caught several brown trout and even a few small mouth bass.   Imagine getting up in the morning while everyone else is still asleep and walking thirty feet to the creek to go fly fishing. When you return, a hot breakfast awaits you.  Now that is a fisherman’s dream!


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