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28 May, 2013
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Wollersheim Winery Debuts Brandy April 13th!

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A dream come true for Philippe Coquard happens April 13th at Wollersheim Winery! That’s when Wollersheim debuts 5,000 bottles of Philippe Coquard Brandy to the public.  This brandy is an all-Wisconsin product.  Even the barrels that aged the liquor for the last two years is Wisconsin Oak!  Philippe predicts that they will sell out within the day.  Not difficult to perceive since Wisconsinites have a deep affection for brandy. Korbel Brandy sold more than one-third of their 2012 production to Good Ole Wisconsin! (Their next best customer was their home state of California,which purchased roughly one-half as much!)  The 375 ml bottles will be selling for $28 and is more a cognac-style brandy so you probably don’t want to be diluting it! Philippe says “It’s the sweetness and fruit and all-natural nature of it- I’ve added no spicing or monkeyed it up.” Philippe next goal is to find a site to expand distilling operations considering it is a two year process and after this batch sells out we won’t have another chance until next year!wollersheim

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